Financial Statement Performance drives shorttime and longtime corporate desition making.
To povide an efficient and ease2use solution, JensenSoftware ( JSW ), a small, independen Norwegian software development company, has developed a excel plugin, supporting full statements performance overview and indepth options to monitor, analyse, present and comment the current performance and most importently optional pathways to improve future results.

select any of our plugins, one click download operation, 10 days free evaluation, start your case study in seconds. dont like it, one click uninstall from inside Excel..
Simply use your third party data into our accompanied spreadsheet and have all financial data available from financial statement ribbon tab.


walk around, change year, periods, summations, comparisons, drill down, drill out, change currency, view trends, cashflow with details on account level .., print the management ++++


let other desition makers view and comment on the solution and the information provided , business is a shared responebility, all in or all out


like what y see.., give us a call. we set you up with full legal structure, all report designs and current data set, within hours.. extend Your Excel fs experiense With xlg pluginl


We're here for you
It all started as a development project.
It always will..

We make our products better and more usefull every single day, but we can't do that without your help. You are the one we're making this product for, not us. Therefore, we need your input on what works, and what doesen't work. Actually we'll be more happy if you write us a long email with a list of all your complaints, rather than praise.

Should you require our assistance, get in touch immedeatly. Your feedback is important to us. We have made this product for you, and we'll continue developing it for you.

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